Rafting Camps

 The ideal destination for schools, scout groups or other organizations who want to try water sports or outdoor activities with complete safety.

In fact, thanks to our long experience and the presence of highly qualified instructors, we can ensure high safety standards. Our guests can choose from many activities that stimulate interpersonal relationships, self-confidence and trust in the others, such as orienteering or climbing; but also activities that bind relationships within the teamwork, such as rafting.

An exciting activity for everybody which doesn’t require any past experience before hitting the rapids of the river Noce. From May to September, when the river is at its highest level, the Noce remains one of the most popular destinations for rafting in Europe. Before descending the river in rafts of six people, all the commands are explained in a theory lesson by each rafting guide. Everyone lends a hand in the running of the rapids by using their paddle at the request of the guide.

The various trips available allow participants to undertake a gradual and safe approach to this activity. After the first few kilometers of lively water and beautiful scenery, the first true rapids begin.

The duration of each trip can vary depending on the water level, the crew itself, the weather conditions and other factors. Guests need to bring a swimming costume, shoes that can get wet, a long or short sleeved shirt to wear under the wet suit and a towel for the hot shower at the end of the trip.

The Center is affiliated with the Italian Rafting Federation and officially recognized as a rafting school, in which only professional river guides work. Our guides have passed difficult examinations, comprising guiding, water rescue and first aid and must be highly knowledgeable in the river where they work.