Beverly & Bike Camping

  • A separate tent site, not accessible by car or caravan, for bicyclists and other guests travelling by non-motorised vehicle.
  • A grass lawn to pitch the tent on which is as flat and even as possible. Gravel, pebbles, or heavily compacted soil is not acceptable for campers.
  • A place with bicycle racks to store or park bicycles at the tent site or near it (within sight).
  • It is possible to dry wet clothing and gear.
  • No additional fees for admitting bicycles to the camping site premises.
  • Informational materials, such as regional cycling maps and schedules for bus, train and ferries are available.
  • The most important tools are available for simple bike repairs.
  • In the case of more major breakdowns, the nearest repair shop is ready to help.

Additional service of Beverly & Bike Camping sites: 
(at least two must be offered)

  • Roofed storage place or secured room
  • Table and seats at the tent site
  • Opportunity for guests to cook
  • Possibility to purchase necessary supplies
  • Routes to tent area sufficiently lit
  • Information about other bicycle-friendly camping sites in the region
  • Rental tents and campers, log huts, bungalows, etc. available
  • Good-quality bicycles available for hire
  • Informational materials, such as regional bike trails and schedules for bus and train, are available so you can find out more about attractive excursions in the area.