Villaggio "Azzurro"

Located just 7 km outside Novara city centre into the green and peaceful Granozzo con Monticello village, rise the marvellous Novarello-Villaggio Azzurro Sports Training Centre with an outstanding 100000 mq surface.

The main reason over this creation was at the begin, to give a real “home” for Novara Calcio Football Club and moreover to rise the belonging proud among fans, players and workers from Novara city as well. Novarello Villaggio Azzurro was inaugurate the 29th September 2007 and since that time is the new headquarter of the Club where are located all the offices, from the marketing ones, press office, the Academy Department ecc...

From that time, the Sport Centre is becoming not just a place to enjoy football but a real aggregation centre for kids and guys of our Academy. And moreover is an outstanding location to enjoy sports like basket, volley, baseball, water ski and alpine skiing as well. Particularly on April 2011 was signed an 4 years deal with Italian Sports Winter Federation and afterwards with the Water Ski Italian Federation when all these athletes are able to enjoy the outstanding Sports Centre over the athleles and performance preparation.

The “Villaggio Azzurro” is able to count over several high reputated hotel, bars, football pitches structures with a very nice auditorium, convention centre with a celebrated Health and Wellness Centre. All these structures are among green spaces, a suggestive pond and relax zones. The last curiosity is mill of 1600 belonged to Graziosi Family. Novarello Villaggio Azzurro is polyvalent centre not just focus on football. You might organize a business meeting lunch or just a place to breath the typical football atmosphere.

The centre has:

  • 3 football pitch (11 against 11) with 2 natural grass and other 2 synthetic grass
  • 1 tribune covered (11 against 11) with 800 attendance plus catering services

Under construction:

  • 2 football pitch, 1 natural grass and 1 synthetic grass

The centre has:

  • 2 football pitch (8 against 8) with synthetic grass

The Center offers “first-class” possibilities and tailor-made solutions for technical training camps, pre and post game training, school training camps and sports events in general.

If you are a Sports Federation or a Sports Promotion Organization, we can help you with the following:
– Hotel accommodation + sport facilities
– Sports facilities reservation
– Sport meals throughout the stay
– Help and support in organizing the training program

The sports center includes:

  • 2 full size adult soccer pitches (outdoor artificial grass soccer pitches)
  • 1 full size adult soccer pitch (outdoor natural grass soccer pitch)
  • 2 eight–a side soccer pitches (outdoor artificial grass soccer pitches)
  • 1 beach volley court
  • 1 fully equipped 600 mq. gym room
  • Athletics truck (only straight)
  • Indoor sports arena “PalaNovarello”: Total capacity tribune 400 people (Volley, Basket, Futsal and other indoor sports), Changing rooms, Sick-room and Storage rooms