Not to be missed in Rieti , Umbilicus Italiae , a visit to the Flavio Vespasiano Theater, and not to forget the castles in the area. The medieval villages of Fara in Sabina , Cittaducale and Poggio Mirteto with its splendid Cathedral of the Assumption are also very popular. The uncontaminated nature with its green hills, the dark patches of woods and forests, the majestic snow-capped peaks, including that of Monte Terminillo , defined as "the Mountain of Rome", the clear river Velino , the suggestive Lakes Lungo and Ripasottile, Salto and Turano , and the thermal waters, make Rieti a territory in which the environment blends with the mystical atmospheres of the Franciscan Sanctuaries and the ancient traditions and cultures of its villages and castles that alternate with boundless expanses of olive groves.

There the main product of the Rieti food and wine tradition was born, the extra virgin olive oil DOP Sabina (which already Galen, a doctor of Greek origin and father of the pharmacopoeia, considered the best in the world), which, together with the Amatriciano PGI ham, is a exclusive of this territory.